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Carlo Table Brass by Studioloop, The table has a milled brass frame and Patagonia Quartzite stone top, available in multiple finishes and bespoke sizes.

furniture Carlo Table - Brass

  • The work of the Venetian modernist Carlo Scarpa is rooted in the archaic, through his architectural restoration works Scarpa interwove modern concepts with the ancient fabric of Venice. Scarpa used the articular joint as a montage to harmonise modest & precious materials, time honoured craft techniques & modern manufacturing process’s. In a poem to his friend Carlo Scarpa the architect Louis Khan wrote; A work of art makes manifest the wholeness of the ‘Form’. A symphony of the selected shapes of the elements. In the elements the joint inspires ornament, its celebration. The detail is the adoration of Nature.
  • Description
  • Heterogeneous components converge in celebration of the joint, uniting machined and metamorphic materials.
  • Materials
  • Solid milled brass
  • Patagonia quartzite
  • Dimensions
  • 2400 x 1000w x 750h (mm)
  • Enquiries
  • £POA
  • Alternate finishes and bespoke sizes available on request
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