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No · 5 A slice of Italy

Our beautiful Stauario Marble sourced at site in Carrara, Italy, has arrived!

A slice of Italy

No · 4 Portland Stone

Absolutely captivated watching this mill saw making very light work of our Portland stone!

Portland Stone
Italian Stauario Marble

No · 3 Italian Stauario Marble

We’re in Carrara, Italy, hunting down the perfect block of Stauario Marble for one of our latest commissions.

No · 2 II Capo

A lovely short film by Italian artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani as he captures the otherworldly landscape of Carrara’s marble quarries in the Apuan Alps

No · 1 Carrara, Italy

Beautiful Stauario Marble as far as the eye can see!

Carrara, Italy