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Thonis Table designed by Studioloop Geometric shapes from brass and bronze plate, slot together to form the table structure, with low iron glass top

furniture Assunta

  • The unveiling of the Assunta at the Frari, Venice’s largest church in 1518 stunned the world & confirmed the meteoric rise of Titian establishing him as the preeminent practitioner of high renaissance art in Venice. A dramatic & revolutionary composition of grandiose proportions based on simple geometry. The assumption of Mary is witnessed by the earth bound apostles, they strive diagonally upward toward the virgin who swirls at the apex, the two are united by the supreme colourists use of Titian Red. Mary ascends to heaven, a cohort of angels encircle the golden celestial realm.
  • Description
  • Celestial and dynamic forms translate Titian’s alterpiece, a colorito of verdigris & golden light suffuse the elements.
  • Materials
  • Solid bronze- hot patinated finish
  • Copper plate- cold patinated finish
  • Low iron glass
  • Dimensions
  • 1500 x 750w x 375h (mm)
  • Alternate finishes and bespoke sizes available on request
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